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Single Prop Rum

Inspired By a Journey...

Hopping among the islands of the Caribbean in a small, single prop airplane, we discovered and fell in love with a local tradition: slicing open fresh coconuts and pouring in locally made rum. Leaving behind the white sand beaches and tropical sunsets, we headed home, bringing this tradition with us. Single Prop tells the story of our adventure—perfect combination of premium Caribbean rum and pure coconut water; for wherever your journey takes you.

Single Prop has landed on the shelves of bars and stores alike. If you'd like to be among the first to fly with us, please fill out the form here.

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Single Prop began as a direct result of our ongoing love affair with travel and exploration. From the way we source our Caribbean rum, down to its finishing touches, we want to make sure that we’re doing our part to keep the environment healthy, and those clear blue waters clean. We invite you to join us on our mission of appreciating the world responsibly. Together we can make sure everyone has the opportunity to discover something real—for wherever our journeys may take us.


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We strive to band together with people like us — fans of great spirits and also all the wonders our Earth has to offer — and educate the world on the detrimental effect that single-use plastic straws have on our environment, especially our oceans.

The U.S. alone uses over 500 million plastic straws per day and over 8 million tons of plastic trash flow into our oceans every year. While we can’t completely eliminate human impact on the beautiful places we visit, there is one easy change we can all make. Whether at home, at the bar, or on the move, make a sustainable choice: use a paper biodegradable or reusable metal straw (or pass on one altogether). Help us spread the word by using #NoPlasticsPact, and talk to your friends, family, and bars, both in your neighborhood and abroad, about making a change for the better.

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Single Prop Rum

Made with Real Coconut Water

The Original is where the addition of coconut water truly shines through, providing a silky mouthfeel. The rum is a clean, clear taste of sugarcane and coconuts with hints of banana and sugar apple.

80 Proof (750ml), Gluten Free, Premium rum from the Caribbean Islands. Made with real coconut water.


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