Hopping among the islands of the Caribbean in a small, single prop airplane, we discovered and fell in love with a local tradition: slicing open a fresh coconut and pouring in some locally made rum. So, we set out on our own adventure to create a product to pay homage to this local favorite.


Discover A Caribbean Tradition

It all started with a trip to the Caribbean in a single prop plane, where we fell in love with what the locals were drinking: coconut water and rum!

Coconuts And Rum From The Caribbean

We get our coconuts from the Caribbean—at a plantation on the coast of Nicaragua.

We harvest the coconuts at about 10 months old—this is just after they start producing natural sweetness inside their shell.

We keep the coconut water fresh in transit to the U.S. by mixing it right on-site with local Nicaraguan rum. the rest of the rum used in Single Prop comes from the Virgin Islands!

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Other Rums use water, we use coconut water

Single prop is not "flavored" with coconut; we simply use coconut water instead of regular water!


80 proof



Rum with



Made with real coconut water
750 ML